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Elizabeth Pantley takes a positive, problem-solving approach to assisting parents in helping their babies and small children get the sleep they need. Elizabeth encourages parents to tune in to their children and assess their needs, rather than taking a “cookie cutter” approach full of “shoulds” and “musts.” She then offers an array of practical, effective strategies.

Barbara Glare


Former president of ABA and counsellor at Australian Breastfeeding Association

The No-Cry Nap Solution covers a lot of territory, yet Elizabeth Pantley’s easy style makes the content flow smoothly. This is a book filled with sensible, professional, and accessible advice for all parents and caregivers.

Neala Schwartzberg, Ph.D.

Editor of Parent & Preschooler Newsletter

lizabeth Pantley provides solutions and encourages parents to “work with their child” to find the best solution rather than advocating a “do to their child” approach that is so popular in other parenting books. It is wonderful to have another fantastic book by Elizabeth to recommend to parents.

Sally Cameron-Zurich,

Midwife, Nurse, Mother

Co-owner of  Earth Babies

Elizabeth Pantley promotes a gentle, child-centered approach to solving sleep problems. The solutions are relationship building, an aspect that many child care books do not adequately address. The ideas are simple, natural, and hopeful.

Joan van Niekerk

National coordinator of  Childline South Africa

Parents and children from all over the world, from all walks of life, contributed to this book to give us a world view into an issue that has a major impact on optimal functioning of your child, your household, your sanity, and your life.

Jolene Ivey

Cofounder of Mocha Moms

Former Maryland State Delegate

Elizabeth Pantley’s gentle yet effective approach helps parents identify the causes of sleep problems and provides practical step-by-step solutions. Her ingenious Nap Plan and Hush Hour are a dream come true for parents with babies and children who resist napping.

Azmina Hansraj

Editor of Baby-Mates, London, United Kingdom

Elizabeth Pantley’s wise and warm writing style is as comforting as the sleep children will get if parents put her advice to use. She smoothly presents essential strategies and offers real-life scenarios. As she does in her previous books, Pantley comes through like a trusted friend, albeit one with words full of fairy dust to help little ones get the rest they need.

Gregory Keer

Syndicated columnist and publisher of Family Man Online

I have counseled thousands of families and raised five children of my own, yet The No-Cry Nap Solution taught me things I was not expecting about the dynamics of sleep and, more important, what we as parents can do to help children get the rest that they need.

Maureen A. Doolan Boyle

Executive Director of MOST  (Mothers of Supertwins)

No one understands the significance of the nap better than parenting guru Elizabeth Pantley. Her clear and helpful writing and abundance of ideas will guide parents and children to calmer and more peaceful days.

Nancy Massotto, Ph.D.

Executive Director of Holistic Moms Network

As usual, Elizabeth Pantley has married solid research, advice, and support in one easy-to-understand book. She lays out the importance of naps, outlines many solutions, and then lets parents determine the best course of action based on their particular child. Parents of children from newborn to school age will find valuable information and advice in The No-Cry Nap Solution.

Kathy Lynn

President of Parenting Today